We had dinner with 2 other couples the other night, and more than half of us at one point pulled out our mobile device, mostly iPhones of course.  Mobile devices are great when searching for local content on the go and with more mobile Internet enabled devices, it's no surprise that Mobile search is growing.  comScore issued a press release stating that as of March 2009, the number of people seeking local information on a mobile device has grown 51% from the previous year.

According to comScore, the mobile browser is the leading source of local information, but the downloaded applications have the biggest growth with an 83% increase from last year.  This reflects a huge opportunity for marketers to connect the audience with local content.  These stats demonstrate that mobile search has the capacity to grow fast and marketers have the opportunity to connect the audience via the device & medium to advertisers.  What's your favorite local app and has it influenced your likely hood to search local content?  Please comment.