Have you ever looked at your website's data and wondered if there was a reason or specific event that triggered changes in traffic?  One that might be explained from a media related or business event? We have often asked ourselves this very question and the folks at Google have now given us a solution.  Viola! The launch of Annotations in Google Analytics allows users to write notes on the over-time graph to denote events that may explain ebbs and flows in search traffic and conversion spikes.  Users can now easily note when a page redesign went live or when campaigns were launched, allowing everyone with access to the Google Analytics profile to easily and quickly identify events that may have caused conversions to increase or decrease. This new feature should save analysts valuable time, no longer having to dig through old information, cross referencing diaries, and tracking down people in different departments to find answers.  Annotations is a simple feature, with big benefits.  Once again, Google is listening to their audience. Take a look at the video below for more details: