How do you determine what prompted a purchase? Are purchases tied directly to one ad or did a combination of impressions work together? These questions are answerable through marketing attribution best practices education and strategy execution.

What is Marketing Attribution?

Digital marketing attribution is the process of understanding and measuring which marketing tactics or touch points contribute to achieving conversions and goals. Innovative marketing attribution enables marketers to improve budget spending and build better campaigns with farther-reaching strategies.

These eight resources can help you better understand, plan and execute marketing attribution best practices:

5 Marketing Attribution Planning & Execution Resources

1.    Video Series on Attribution

2.    Unraveling Marketing Attribution

3.    Get Started with Google Attribution Tools

4.    Is Your Attribution Model Appropriate?

5.    Measuring Social Media Campaigns via Marketing Attribution

3 Marketing Attribution Case Studies

6.    Encore Media Metrics Case Study

  • Campaign objective: Create awareness and consideration for client brand in measurable forms with the ultimate goal of increasing hotel and lodging reservations.

7.    Visual IQ® Case Study

  • Campaign objective: Help client’s marketing team improve marketing budget spending via effective marketing attribution capabilities

8.    Adometry Case Study

  • Campaign objective: Help client understand marketing attribution benefits while assisting with digital advertising ramp up

Dig a little deeper!

Embodying best practices in marketing attribution is a vital piece of the digital marketing pie and can help your company drive improved awareness and impression measurability. For increased knowledge on other facets related to the customer journey, check out other WebsiteBiz blog posts or contact us for more information on our digital marketing services.